Top Reasons Why You Should Eat Indian Food

Indian food has one of the most delicious dishes and recipes all around the world. Let no one tell you otherwise. Yeah, we know people tell that it is hot and spicy; it has a lot of fat and can seem greasy and heavy. That should definitely make you think – Is it even healthy for my body ?

Well, we are here with the answers and will leave you with enough proof that will make you try the delicious and exciting experience that Indian food has to offer!

So, without wasting even a moment, let’s get it.

Here are the top reasons why you should try Indian food today

Indian Food uses all Kinds of Fresh Vegetables

That’s true. Indians love vegetables and make the best of them while cooking food. The different ways vegetables are cooked make sure that the freshness and nutrient value of them are retained. Most of the Indian cooking process is done in a way that the vegetables used do not lose their health benefits and make the food more enjoyable.

Food is Prepared from Scratch

Indians believe in cooking food in a more organic way. Almost all traditional Indian food makes great use of fresh ingredients. Preparing food from scratch ensures that the cooking involves negligible use of preservatives. This results in healthier food which can be consumed by anyone. Indians don’t believe in consuming prepared meals as they lack the important nutrients required by the body to function properly.

Indian Spices have Medicinal Properties

Scientists have done their research on various spices that indigenous to India. We are talking about spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, and various kinds of chillies. These spices act as major ingredients in Indian food. The medicinal and healing properties of such ingredients have been proven again and again. Thus, these spices don’t just make the food taste good; they also are good for the body.

Indian Food Provides all Important Nutrients

The vegetables in Indian food provide the all-important Vitamins and contribute to improve vision and lower cholesterol. It fuels your body and helps your body produce energy. Pulses are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E. They also contain a good proportion of minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc. Rice and flour fulfils the required carbohydrate, protein, and fiber consumption of the body.

Indian Food Makes Best Usage of Dairy Products

Yoghurts are a very essential part of Indian food and are often consumed to provide calcium to the body. Made from fermented milk, yoghurts contain good bacteria and keep your body from gaining excess fat.

Over to You

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